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The Shute

Saturday, 9 June 2012

April Garden Club

April 2012 

This morning was Garden Club, we meet in a Club Members garden, or somewhere on the Sunshine Coast or Hinterland. We have coffee - always a chat, as it consists of  a great and diversified group of women - we wander around and look at plants etc etc.... Today we had a speaker - an interesting topic,  propagation.  Such a rewarding part of gardening - here at 'The Shute' we have propagated many box (buxus) for hedges and lots of Duchess de Brabant - or as we call it on the Blackall Range, the Montville Rose -a soft pink, as it grows well in our wet summers.  I have cut back on the variety of roses as only a few can cope with our climate.  Monsieur Tillier is a favourite, as is Lamarque  - a lovely creamy-white wild climber.  Mutabilis - a china rose with a single yellow/golden bloom that turns pink then red - a wonderful show if mass planted. I am fired up to do more propagating - as we still have many spaces to fill....
Monsieur Tillier
Lamarque with a bee.....

The Montville Rose
This is the missing Blog.....
it just arrived back from where ever it disappeared to....but as my favourite roses are here I thought I should include it.

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  1. It is so exciting to see you out here in the blogging world Sue - and I will be able to sit next door and still be able to peek in and see what you have been doing in the garden ..... aahhh, love that Mutabilis.