The Shute

The Shute

Monday, 4 June 2012

Work at The Shute......

My last Blog has dissapeared off into that place I cannot find...that was about a month ago - so now I am over being cross and will start again....

We have been clearing more land - its the last of the pirvet - which originally covered the entire 3 acres of the  property.  This is the steepest scarey part.....down in front of the house - we have several more days of clearing  to go - but it will have to wait until my lovely husband returns from work.....he is lucky to have survived last week as I rolled an old tyre down the escarpment which hit him in the legs - thanks to my screaming he did not go over the cliff!! The next day I came home to make lunch - he was to follow.....after an hour I decided he was in trouble and went to look....having climbed back down the very steep rock face - there he was waiting peacefully on a large rock - unable to scramble back up - now  I have watched  Rescue on television so knew exactly what to do... .rushed back up the  what felt like a huge mountain to find a rope and new gloves..... .what a chuckle.......but at least he was safe!!!

The weather report also said that rain was usual we believed them......therefore thought we should burn some of the heaps of cut up privet....after two days and three large fires we have cleared quite a large area.  We are delighted with the result - but in reality it still looks as if a bomb has gone off!!

Lots of imagination is required - but one day this will be a lovely area........tree ferns, plams, birds nests and ferns etc etc

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