The Shute

The Shute

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The June full moon from our front verandah - looking over the  Sunshine Coast.

A young Black Cockatoo sitting on a white cedar tree - the parents bring their young to our garden each year - we feel privileged to have them visit  - they drink from our ponds and eat the pine cones.

 A future concern is that many of the local Nursery's are closing down - what to do, and where to buy in the future... even so we had a wonderful time this week buying many plants at half price  - large camellias, hydrangeas, grasses etc.
These are to go in front of the house where we are now clearing the privet - it will be so good to have camellias that are bigger than 10cm tall.....instant gratification - have not got enough gardening years to plant too small plants!!!
  The constant challenge is to turn this mess into an interesting garden.....I cannot wait to get it under way.....  the fun thing about a Blog is that it will be such a good record - pity I did not begin it years ago - the clearing and planting has been on going for 9 years.....we are now on the last of the clearing exciting !!!!     The person in the red shirt is my  husband and chief garden helper....none of the garden would happen without him.                                                                   

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